Record Balkan floods: At least 20 killed, tens of thousands forced to flee

At least 20 people were killed, tens of thousands evacuated, over 250,000 households left without power in what has been branded the ‘worst flooding’ on record across the Balkans. Officials in Bosnia say 12 people have died and more bodies could emerge as the water recedes from dozens of cities flooded in the past three […]

Quarter of Europeans face poverty – Eurostat

Over 124 million people in the European Union – or almost a quarter of its entire population – live under the threat of poverty or social exclusion, a report by EU’s statistical office has revealed. Last year, 124.5 million people, or 24.8 percent of Europe’s population were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, compared […]

Thai protesters besiege 4 more ministerial buildings

Thai opposition protesters have targeted several more government ministries on Tuesday in a continuation of their effort to depose Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s government. It comes a day after they took over two ministries. “We have to leave because [the protesters] will cut the utilities,” Tourism and Sports Minister Somsak Pureesrisak told AFP. He added the […]

Why US doesn’t want an end to wars

Neil Clark is a journalist, writer and broadcaster. His award winning blog can be found at Follow him on Twitter The only surprising thing about the news that the US is sabotaging peace moves in Afghanistan and Pakistan is that anyone should find the news surprising. As reported on RT, Pakistan has accused the […]

Russia to expand Mediterranean fleet to 10 warships

The Russian Navy intends to build its presence in the Mediterranean Sea – particularly in the area close to Syrian shores – to up to 10 battleships, announced Admiral of the Fleet Viktor Chirkov. “The task is crystal clear: to avoid a slightest threat to the security of the state. This is a general practice […]

British MPs reject military intervention in Syria

Any possibility of British involvement in a military campaign in Syria has been effectively ruled out after British lawmakers voted down the prospect in parliament, costing the US the nation’s closest ally in a potential strike. By a 285 to 272 margin British MPs rejected the government’s motion to support in principle military action against […]

Thousands take to streets in Bahrain to protest for democracy

Thousands of Bahrainis took to the streets in a march for democratic reform outside the capital Manama, 10 days after a police crackdown on a similar demonstration organized online by activists inspired by the Egyptian protests. The protesters marched west of the capital on Friday, protesting against the stringent new laws that prohibit public dissent. […]

Morsi supporters hold ‘March of Anger’

Thousands of supporters of ex-President Mohamed Morsi took to the streets of Cairo in a “March of Anger” following Friday prayers. Military troops, who were authorized to use lethal force to stop rioting, are guarding key sites in the Egyptian capital. Chanting “down with military rule,” protesters are marching from northeast Cairo toward Rameses Square […]

Protesters march to UK PM office, back Bahrain uprising

Protesters gathered outside the British Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday in solidarity with the anti-al Khalifa regime protests in Bahrain. The Bahraini opposition group Tamarod Movement had called for a major protest on August 14 when the country holds celebrations of independence from UK. In a show of support for the Bahraini revolutionaries against the […]

‘Wound that must be removed’? Israel lashes out at alleged Rouhani remarks

Israel’s PM has slammed Iran’s presidential elect, Hassan Rouhani, after reports emerged that he called Israel a “wound that must be removed.” Iranian state news contradicted the reports and said international press had distorted Rouhani’s words. Hassan Rouhani, who has been hailed as a “moderate reformer” will assume the Iranian presidency on Sunday. “The Zionist […]

He was a hacker/He is a hero: Key quotes of Manning case

As opinions for and against Bradley Manning’s actions clashed in court, a larger debate about whistleblowers is brewing, with growing fears that Tuesday’s looming verdict over whether Manning aided the enemy will impede investigative journalism. While delivering the prosecutions closing arguments in the Bradley Manning trail, Maj Ashden Fein did not mince words in calling […]

New rival demos to be held in Egypt

Opponents and supporters of Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi have called for new demonstrations for the first Friday of the holy month of Ramadan. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has pledged to continue its peaceful resistance against the overthrow of Morsi. The group has called for separate demonstrations across the capital, Cairo. “We will continue our peaceful […]

3,000 Palestinian prisoners go on hunger strike

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners have declared a hunger strike to support Prisoners Day, an annual event dedicated to 4,713 prisoners being held in Israeli jails. Fierce rallies demanding their release have reportedly been met with tear gas. Palestinians across the West Bank and Gaza attended marches and rallies on Wednesday, urging the international community to […]

‘Citizens’ tide’ of anti-austerity protests hit Spain; dozens injured, arrested

Tens of thousands of protesters from all walks of life gathered in cities across Spain to oppose economic hardship and corruption sparked by the financial crisis. Dozens were injured or arrested in Madrid in disturbances following the peaceful rally. Thousands marched on the Spanish parliament in Madrid amidst a clamor of drums and whistles in […]

Alleged mastermind of Kirani Road blast arrested

Security forces claimed to have arrested the mastermind of Saturday’s bomb blast at Quetta’s Kirani Road in a targeted operation conducted early on Tuesday in Killi Qambrani area in outskirts of Quetta. According to media reports, six other suspects were also arrested alongside the alleged mastermind, all of whom belonged to a banned organisation. The […]

Bahrain police disperse funeral procession with tear gas, stun grenades

Violent clashes broke out in Bahrain at the funeral of a teenager killed in protests marking the anniversary of the revolt of the Shiite majority against the ruling monarchy. The procession was blocked and dispersed with stun grenades and tear gas. ­Scuffles erupted after armed security forces blocked access to Hussein al-Jaziri’s funeral in the […]

4 commit suicide in Spain over evictions

A 46-year-old man has killed himself in Alicante, Spain, over the threat of being evicted from his house. It was the fourth case this week in Spain of a suicide committed over an eviction. ­The tenant, a transporter by profession, hanged himself, local press reported. He allegedly had not paid rent for the last five […]

Tear gas fills Bahraini capital as hundreds mark uprising anniversary

Bahraini police have used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of protesters in Manama, as they marked the second anniversary of the Shiite-led uprising against the Sunni regime. Demonstrators tried to march to Pearl Square, the site they occupied two years ago when the protest against the royal family – rulers for over 40 […]

Anti-regime demos held in north Bahrain

Bahrainis have once again staged demonstrations against the ruling Al Khalifa regime in a number of villages. On Wednesday, demonstrators took to the streets of the northeastern island of Sitra, the northwestern village of Diraz and the northern village of Nuwaidrat, chanting slogans against the Manama regime. The protesters expressed determination to continue the uprising […]

Bahraini forces attack anti-regime protesters in Manama

Bahraini regime forces have attacked protesters in the capital, Manama, who had taken to the streets to respond to a call by opposition groups to rally in the city. Bahraini police forces used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the angry protesters, as they chanted slogans against the Al Khalifa regime. The calls for […]

Rallies held in Canada to support natives’ rights

Members of Canadian aboriginal communities and human rights activists have rallied in several cities in Canada and around the world against Ottawa’s policies violating the rights of the aboriginals. Supporters of “Idle No More,” a protest movement campaigning for the rights of the aboriginals in Canada, demonstrated Monday in 30 Canadian cities, including Montreal, Halifax, […]

Thousands march for gun control in Washington

Amid growing national debate over gun violence, thousands of people marched in Washington on Saturday to press Congress and state legislators to back gun control measures. The marchers were joined by some 100 residents of Newtown, Connecticut, where a mass elementary school shooting left 20 first-graders and six teachers dead. People in the crowd were […]

Tens of thousands march in Washington anti-abortion rally

A massive anti-abortion march hit Washington, DC, on Friday as tens of thousands opposed to the right to choose descended on the National Mall to protest Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1971 decision that legalized the termination of pregnancies. Participants in the annual March for Life walked to the steps of the US Supreme Court […]

Turkey Patriots ready by weekend amid local protest

Patriot missile batteries sent to Turkey from NATO countries will start operating this weekend, despite continuing protests from local activists unhappy at their deployment. In the latest incident German troops were mobbed by protesters. After Ankara asked for NATO help in December to beef up its air defenses against a possible Syrian attack, the United […]

California protest rally slams recurring police brutality

A protest rally against police brutality in western US city of Long Beach has been waged after parents of a young suspect shot by police were barred from visiting their critically wounded son. A group of community activists in the California city staged the rally outside St. Mary’s Medical Center on Sunday to protest police […]

Pro-gun activists flood US state capitals defending right to bear arms

Pro-gun rallies have been held across the US demanding the White House curb its sweeping new gun-control proposals and to defend the second amendment of the constitution. ­Thousands of protestors took to the streets across the US, after a massive social-media grass roots initiative called “Guns Across America,” called on Americans to defend the right […]

Supreme Court orders arrest of Pakistani PM for corruption amid protest

The Pakistani Supreme Court has called for the arrest of the Prime Minister over a corruption scandal. The news was met with elation by thousands of protesters in the capital, who called for the dissolution of parliament on the grounds of corruption. Minister Raja Pervaiz allegedly received kickbacks and commissions in an ongoing case over […]

Deafening silence: Chavez absent from inauguration celebrations

Loud chants and massive crowds marked the day set aside for Venezuela President Hugo Chavez’s inauguration in the capital. But the leader’s absence hung in the air, as Chavez was too ill to attend, postponing the swearing-in ceremony indefinitely. People have attended the rally to pay homage to Chavez in front of the Miraflores presidential […]

Shootings killed 18 people in US per day since Sandy Hook, study shows

Shooting attacks in the United States have killed an average of 18 people every day since the carnage of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012, a study shows. The study, which was conducted by and the anonymous twitter user @gundeaths, indicates that there have been over 406 gun deaths […]

Union Jack violence: Belfast police fire plastic bullets as loyalists clash with republicans

Police used plastic bullets and water cannon to disperse crowds of rioters in Belfast as they attacked officers with bricks and petrol bombs. The city council said no protest would make them overturn recent limitations on displaying the British flag. ­According to varying estimates, between 400 and 1,000 loyalists gathered in front of the city […]

10 police officers injured in Belfast clashes

Fresh clashes have broken out between police and protesters in east Belfast, as demonstrators attack officers with bricks and smoke bombs. Police have responded by using water cannons. At least ten police officers were injured in violent clashes between loyalists and riot police in Belfast last night. Eighteen people were arrested after police fired water […]

End to evictions in Spain? Locksmiths refuse to help oust owners amid austerity drive

Dozens of locksmiths in the Spanish city of Pamplona have vowed to stop aiding authorities in evicting delinquent homeowners. The locksmiths said they would not assist in evictions that led to over 100 suicides in 2012. ­If a house’s locks remain unchanged, the evicted family could return whenever they liked, forcing authorities to start another […]

Saudi protesters hold anti-regime demos in Mecca

People have held demonstrations against the Al Saud regime in the holy city of Mecca and the central city of Buraidah. The demonstrators took to the streets in the two cities on Tuesday, calling for the downfall of the Saudi regime. They also demanded the release of political prisoners. On December 31, tens of thousands […]

Gang-rape epidemic: India mourns victim, proposes chemical castration for offenders

India is drafting a bill proposing 30 years’ jail for rapists and possible chemical castration. It comes after a 23-year-old woman, gang-raped in New Delhi, died in hospital, drawing public attention to an epidemic of violence against women. The victim’s body was transferred from the Singapore hospital where she died on Saturday back to India […]

Six charged with murder after victim dies in Indian gang-rape case

Six men have been charged with murder in connection with the brutal gang-rape of a woman on a Delhi bus that sparked mass protests against sexual violence across India. The victim died in a Singapore hospital on Saturday, a week after the incident. If the six suspects are convicted they will be sentenced to death, […]

Palestinians may take Israel to ICC over child detentions

Palestinian authorities are considering taking legal action against Israel over hundreds of Palestinian children being detained, with some reportedly maltreated. As a result of the United Nations General Assembly voting to upgrade the Palestinians’ diplomatic status to a “non-member observer state,” they now have chance to access UN agencies and the International Criminal Court (ICC). […]

35,000 teachers go on strike in Canada’s Ontario

Teachers in the Canadian province of Ontario have held a one-day strike against a controversial bill that would freeze their wages and strip them of their collective bargaining rights. Some 35,000 teachers, which make up nearly half of all elementary school teachers, went on strike on Tuesday in protest against Bill 115, which will dictate […]

Washington protest deplores dominant pro-gun NRA lobby group

Hundreds of protesters in Washington, DC have rallied at the Capitol Hill office of the National Rifle Association (NRA) to deplore the powerful pro-gun lobby group and press for tougher gun control laws. Chanting “Shame on the NRA,” the demonstrators, who participated in the protest rally on Monday in reaction to Friday’s killing of 27 […]

Worst massacres in US history, Dozens dead, including 20 children,

More than two dozen people, including as many as 20 children, have been killed during a school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut outside of New York City early Friday. Follow live updates here. The total death toll now stands at 28, police say. This includes 20 children and six adults killed at the school, the suspected […]

Clashes erupt in Argentina over verdict in sex slave trial

Protesters have clashed with police in Buenos Aires after the acquittal of 13 people in a high-profile sex-slavery case that sparked public outrage across the country. Demonstrators took to the streets in the capital and in at least seven provinces, including Tucuman, where the court announced the acquittal. In Buenos Aires, the protesters stormed the […]

UN announces Malala Plan to get all girls into school by 2015

Pakistan and UNESCO have unveiled a new plan to get all the girls in the world into school by the end of 2015. Organizers named it the Malala Plan — after Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old Pakistani activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban on October 9 for speaking out against the fanatics […]

Health no money can buy: Spaniards march to defend medical treatment rights

Spaniards are refusing to jeopardize their healthcare for the sake of the budget, with thousands of medical workers marching through Madrid protesting cuts to health care and plans to sell off public hospitals. ­The protesters, dressed in white and blue scrubs, chanted “Health is not for sale” and “Health 100 per cent public, no to […]

Saudis urge release of political inmates

Protesters have taken to the streets in the central Saudi Arabian province of al-Qassim, calling for the release of political prisoners, Press TV reports. Dozens of demonstrators took part in the rally, held in Buraidah, the province’s capital, on Monday, to voice their opposition to the detention of political activists. The protesters also condemned the […]

Bhopal disaster victims rally for justice

The victims of one of the world’s worst industrial disasters in India have held a demonstration in their hundreds in New Delhi to demand justice and compensation. The industrial disaster was caused by a deadly gas leak at the pesticide manufacturing plant Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) in the city of Bhopal in India’s Madhya […]

Environmental risk: UK protests over fears of fracking ban lift

Campaigners protested in London against fracking, a controversial practice of shale gas extraction, amid reports that the UK is to lift the temporary ban on the method. Critics cite the environmental risks the practice poses, including earthquakes. About 300 demonstrators turned out for a national day of action after a report from The Independent warned […]

Palestine status upgraded at UN

The United Nations General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to upgrade Palestine’s status at the UN from “observer entity” to “observer non-member state” despite strong opposition by Israel and the US. On Thursday, the 193-member assembly voted 138-9 with 41 abstentions at the UN headquarters in New York for a resolution approving the upgrade. Nine countries, […]

Nobel peace laureates call for boycott of Israel

Nobel Peace Prize laureates have called for an international boycott of Israel following the regime’s recent deadly onslaught against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. A group of Nobel Peace Prize winners, prominent artists, and activists urged an international military boycott of Israel in a letter published on Wednesday . “Horrified at the latest round […]

Spanish workers protest against austerity measures

Thousands of Spanish public health workers have taken to the streets of Madrid to protest against the government’s austerity measures. Tuesday’s demonstration was part of a second day of a public health workers strike in the capital against the forthcoming privatization of many hospitals and health centers. The protesters were holding anti-austerity flags as they […]

100,000 Egyptians protest as ‘Pharaoh’ Morsi digs heels in over power grab

Police in Cairo used teargas against protesters after clashes erupted on Tahrir Square, leaving one dead. The violence came before a 100,000-strong rally demanding the country’s Islamist president withdraw decrees vastly expanding his power. Police fired tear gas after hundreds of demonstrators began pelting them with rocks on a street  between the US Embassy and […]

Olympics under threat: 200,000 protest oil wealth distribution bill in Rio

Hundreds of thousands of Rio de Janeiro’s citizens marched the streets in protest a law to leech the state’s oil wealth, redistributing it around Brazil. Rio slammed the bill, saying it will ‘cripple’ the state and endanger the 2016 Olympics. Demonstrators gathered in the center of Rio for the protest, named “Veto Dilma! Against injustice. […]


Travesty of Saudi dirty tricks against Iran

Travesty of Saudi dirty tricks against Iran

Saudi claims of “busting a spy ring” involving Iranian and Lebanese nationals this week smell of yet more dirty tricks by the creaky House of Saud. But the repeated formula for attempting to smear Iran used by the Saudis and their Western and Israeli partners is in danger of becoming a parody. Saudi authorities detained […]

Science & Technology

‘Serious’: Japan hikes Fukushima radiation danger level

‘Serious’: Japan hikes Fukushima radiation danger level

Japan will drastically raise the gravity of the latest Fukushima leak to Level Three, which is considered a “serious radiation incident” on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) for radiological releases. “Judging from the amount and the density of the radiation in the contaminated water that leaked…a Level Three assessment is appropriate,” read the document used […]


Woman Claims to Catch Ghost having Sex in her front room

Woman Claims to Catch Ghost having Sex in her front room

I have met some very interesting people in my life. From those that believe they have seen a ghost. Been touched by a ghost. Kissed by a ghosts, and had an sexual intercourse or a sexual encounter with a ghosts all on regular occasions. Are these people for real? Now Pop Star Kesha Claims Sex With […]


4 Syrian generals among 31 dead in rebel bomb attack

4 Syrian generals among 31 dead in rebel bomb attack

A rebel bomb attack killed 31 Syrian military troops on an army base near Damascus on Sunday. Four generals were among those killed. The attack came amid a major regime offensive against rebel positions around Damascus and Aleppo, AFP reported. “Three generals and a brigadier-general were among 31 troops killed in a bomb attack that […]