Russian girls in UAE

a Russian beautiful girl

If you’re trying to meet a girl for love I would not recommend Russian girls in Dubai. Why? Russian girls in Dubai are either nouveau rich Russians which are not great mates or Russian girls that are there to work, and I do not mean as a waitress.   Of course I could be wrong about this, I Russian girls in Egypt are really there for vacation, but I feel the Russian girls in Dubai are there for a different reason.  They are not normal girls.

Russian girls Dubai

A Russian friend of mine vacationing in UAE

Find Russian girls in other places for love

Rather than looking in Dubai look on rambler.ru however it would help if you learn Russian a bit.  But there are real normal Russian girls on rambler.ru looking for love and marriage.  It is a Russian site for Russians.  Also consider free online dating sites as they are in English.

Russian girls in UAE

Three vacationing Russian girls in UAE just waiting to meet a nice guy. Note the e-reader.

If you are an Indian or Pakistan guy looking for a girl from Russia in Dubai

If you can not find a beautiful lady to call on her mobile in the United Arab Emirates you are basically not too much into girls.

If you are an Indian guy looking for girls in Dubai, remember the world is not fair. I am fair but the world, I am peace and love. But the world will judge not by your passport but your ethnicity. Outside ‘officialdom’ where you are from matters to girls. Russian girls are looking for:

  1. Fun
  2. Money
  3. Safety

This translates to an American or Western European. Indian guys do marry Russian girls by the score, but your approach has to be distinctly western. That is you must have Western style clothes so you look like an Italian. You need to learn to play the game of flirtatious love like a Frenchmen and need to talk a big game with the confidence of an American. I know it is distasteful and unfair, but in my personal experience this brash approach does the best with vacationing Russian girls.

Mark’s list of places to meet Russian women in Dubai:

  • Karama this is located opposite the Bur Juman Center – do not look for escorts in Dubai, just nice Ukrainian and Slavic girls.
  • TGIT in Astoria Hotel Bur Duba
  • Broadway Hotel Deria – girls from the CIS seem to stay here the most
  • Jockey’s pub in Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai
  • The Junction
  • Planetarium
  • Kubu at Radisson Blu
  • Red Square at Mosco
  • Rock Bottems – more of a disco
  • Cyclone – Dance club
  • Rock Bottom – Dance
  • Barsati  – Techno

If anyone has questions or reports of where they have seen Eastern European women in clubs in Dubai or luck with finding mobile numbers, I can add this. By the way a good thing to do is get a prepaid with a local number so you can start playing the field in search for love. Even me, when I was looking for my wife I had to collect a few numbers and kiss a number of proverbial frogs before I found my Polish princess.

Behavior considerations in the Emirates

Try to avoid, loud, arrogant, intoxicated, stupid arguments outside a hotel at 2 am with some girl who looks will go from an 8 to a 4 once sunlight hits her makeup caked face.

If you are married or have a long-term girlfriend and are cruising for a Devushka, remember God sees all; but also in the modern world of mobile phones photos if your wife thinks you are up to no good; it is easy to hire someone to snap a photo of you these days. It has happened to one player I know.

Ukrainian girl Dubai

Russian or Arabic girls it does not matter, if you want to get her mobile number be cavalier not a rogue .

Also be careful of Russian call girls who engage in ‘adverse behavior’ as it is called in the Kingdom. Dubai is an open place, but singles who are too open about trying to buy love can get in trouble.  I am a man who is loyal and honest and do not recommend such thins, but if you want to take your chance remember, what happens behind close doors is between you and someone else, but open violation of the rules of the Kingdom in open public areas can get you up the creek without a paddle.

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