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Charlie Brooks wins I’m A Celebrity…



CHARLIE Brooks was last night crowned Queen of the Jungle — and rushed into the arms of her delighted daughter.

The EastEnders actress, 31, was in the final two with Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts but beat her to the title after vowing to win for Kiki, seven.

And she was overcome with emotion as she hugged and kissed her, declaring her Princess of the Jungle.

She laughed as Ant and Dec announced she was the winner, saying: “I didn’t imagine this in a million ideas. Everyone has been amazing.

“Every single person played their role.” She then exited the camp and gave her mum Rowena a huge hug, knocking off her crown.

Earlier on the show viewers saw Charlie laugh happily as daughter Kiki ran on to the set and swept her up in her arms, kissing her and swinging her up and down.

She told Ant and Dec said: “It feels so different to watch things back because it doesn’t feel like you’re doing a TV show when you’re in it.

“It’s amazing to get to this point, I think we both feel like we both want to be jungle princesses and split the crown.

“The trials are gross, but it’s the longevity of it that’s hard. It feels like a marathon – a mental one. That’s what was tougher. Dealing with the long days and you don’t really see that at home.

“That trial was my worst nightmare. To be faced with it, it was horrendous. I thought I was nearly all done with my juice and you made me slurp every last drop.

“I did get frustrated with Helen. Everyone babied Helen, and she needed tough love. She wasn’t accomplishing any of her own fears – and I was hungry.

“We had rice and beans for four and five days – I didn’t think she was doing her best. I didn’t think I would get through three weeks of that.”


Mummy’s done it … Charlie Brooks hugs daughter Kiki

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