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Street punch yob too scared to leave cell

Street punch yob too scared to leave cell

Street punch yob too scared to leave cell

A LOCKED-UP thug who knocked a 16-year-old girl unconscious in a random street attack is too scared to leave his cell.

Michael Ayoade, 34, fears reprisals for the assault on Tasneem Kabir which was captured on CCTV.

He insists on eating his meals in the cell and having guards to escort around HMP Thameside in South East London.

A source told The Sun: “He’s absolutely petrified.

CCTV image of Michael Ayoade

Thug … Michael Ayoade

“He won’t leave the cell. He has his meals in there and is constantly escorted around the prison for his own safety.

“It is absolutely disgusting what he did to that poor girl. I thought the young lady in question would be quietly pleased to hear this information.

“I hope she’s recovered as well as can be expected given the situation.”

Ayoade was caught after the footage showed him punching the student from behind.

His attack in Plaistow, East London, left her with broken teeth, a bleeding lip and a bruised face. The thug jogged away as she lay out cold on the ground.He pleaded guilty to assault. Last week Thames magistrates remanded Ayoade, of Plaistow, in custody ahead of sentencing at a later date.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice declined to comment on his treatment in prison.

The jail is run by service company Serco and houses 900 convicted and remand prisoners.

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