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Here’s a little taster of what to expect in next month’s Celebrity Big Brother

Lacey Banghard

Lacey Banghard

Lacey Banghard has signed up for the next series of Celebrity Big Brother — and here’s a little taster of what to expect.

We’re hoping the gorgeous babe sports some of this kind of clobber during her time in the famous house.

And taking a look at some of her sexiest underwear shoots — it’s clear to see that viewers won’t be able to tear their eyes away from the stunning brunette.

Lacey is the first sizzling signing for the show — and producers are hoping the cold weather won’t stop her displaying her 26GG assets on telly.

Lacey Banghard poses on a bed

Busty babe … Lacey Banghard
Lacey Banghard wearing underwear

Will she be doing this on the BB bed? … Lacey Banghard
Alison Webster

The bubbly 19-year-old is hoping the show will give her a further boost after admitting her confidence has soared after becoming a Page 3 star.

She said after winning The Sun’s Page 3 Idol competition last year: “Modelling has made me feel sexy and confident.

Lacey Banghard poses by a swimming pool

Will she wear this in the BB pool? … Lacey Banghard

“I’ve never really felt like that before. I’ve never loved myself. I never thought I’d be good enough for Page 3 but it goes to show what can happen if you try.”

Down-to-earth Lacey told TV Biz she was excited but nervous about CBB and was going to be herself when she goes into the house.

Lacey Banghard wearing underwear for a photo shoot

Big Bra-ther … Lacey Banghard
Alison Webster

Lacey – a tiny size 6-8 – says she will often be seen in the kitchen on the show.

“I eat like a horse,” she revealed. “I tried going to the gym twice and thought, ‘This is not for me’. Obviously I do like to take care of myself. I think it’s all about moderation.”

Lucy Pinder, Lacey Banghard, Sabine J, Emily O’hara – Nuts July 2012 731492

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