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Miranda Kerr shows off her Bloom-ing long legs in tight mini



MIRANDA Kerr shows off her impossibly long legs as she pops out for some healthy snacks.

The stunning model brightened up a wholefood store in Hollywood in a summery yellow blazer and tight mini skirt which made the most of her endless pins.

And she made them look even longer with a nude high heels.

The willowy 29-year-old has been spending Christmas in Los Angeles with British hubby Orlando Bloom and their two-year-old son, Flynn.

She tweeted pictures of a creamy dessert with the words: “My delicious panna cotta dish was a hit with my family this Christmas.”

 Miranda Kerr

Superslim pins … Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr

Bursting with goodness .. Miranda with her healthy snacks

And while there’s no sign of over-indulgence on her slim frame, she made sure the household was prepared for their New Year resolutions, by stocking up on the health foods.

The Aussie beauty caused a near riot at the store, with shoppers crowding round for a good look.

But she took it all in her lengthy stride, greeting fans with a radiant smile.

Miranda Kerr

Jumping for joy … Miranda’s twitter pic

And she has plenty to be happy about – having been reunited with her 35-year-old man, after weeks of separation as he filmed Zulu in South Africa.

The pair scotched rumours of a marriage split when they were snapped together on Boxing Day, looking as happy as ever.

Yesterday she tweeted a grainy pic of herself wearing a short coat and a hat, once again displaying those famous legs.

And she wrote: “Jump for joy.”

It looks like they’ve had a Bloom-ing good Christmas.

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