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Kim Kardashian tots up £10million

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

KIM KARDASHIAN would make cash from having a verruca.

So the dollar signs will be really rolling in her eyes after announcing her pregnancy last weekend.

The reality star, who is famous for having no real talent, is looking to trouser £10million before her and KANYE WEST’s baby is even born.

A source said: “Kim is in talks with TV execs about filming the run-up to the birth — scans, hospital visits, everything. She could make £10million from the pregnancy alone.

“She’s already been bombarded with tons of potential deals to endorse parental products.”

Hopefully she will stop short of filming the actual birth — unlike sister KOURTNEY, who had daughter Penelope on camera for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

At present Kim has no plans to have the baby on camera once it’s born. But, she’s a Kardashian, so you can’t rule it out.

Her ex RAY-J isn’t doing too badly out of the pregnancy either.

Sales of their sex tape have gone through the roof since Kanye confirmed their baby news during a gig in Atlantic City.

Vivid Entertainment, who own the video, say on-demand buys have boomed 80 per cent since Sunday. The tape was leaked online in 2007 For her sake, let’s hope nobody buys her a copy for her baby shower, scheduled for May.

It certainly won’t be BEYONCE. Despite not being the ex-model’s biggest fan, the singer played a significant role in the pregnancy.

The source added: “It was actually Beyonce’s daughter, BLUE IVY, who made them both broody.

“And despite reports Beyonce and Kim do not get on, she was one of the first to congratulate Kim and Kanye and is going to be invited to the mother of all baby showers in New York.

“Kanye was hoping they will marry before the baby comes but Kim’s reluctant to do that until after the baby is born.”

She’ll have to get a divorce from KRIS HUMPHRIES first.

Kim Kardashian

Profit … Kim Kardashian announced pregnancy this week

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