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Rihanna strips off as she stars in her sexiest photoshoot yet

RIHANNA shows off her stunning physique in a series of magazine covers made to represent each of her albums.

The 24-year-old singer is seen posing in seven different outfits on seven different front covers of Complex magazine’s February/March 2013 issue.

The images represent one of her seven albums over the past seven years from Music Of The Sun in 2005 right up to 2012’s Unapologetic.

Rihanna poses in everything from a cute and girly yellow crop top and denim cut-off hotpants to a camouflage print bra with Chanel braces and topless using just pictures of herself to cover her chest.

Rihanna clutches her boobs in a Polaroid image for Complex Magazine

Raunchy … Rihanna clutches her bare breasts
Rihanna on the cover of Complex magazine

Stunning … Rihanna in one of her seven Complex magazine covers

The feature also sees Rihanna posing in a series of x-rated self-shot Polaroid images, including one where she tentatively lifts up her top to expose her bare breasts and clutches at them with her nails.

Others show off her toned stomach and slender thighs as she pouts and poses for the camera.

Rihanna poses in her knickers for Complex magazine

Reflective mood … Rihanna poses in the mirror

And a final set of pictures see her posing in the mirror to create raunchy artistic images of her sensational body as she hangs an old-fashioned camera from her neck.

See the full feature in the Febuary/March 2013 issue of Complex Magazine or on the Complex Music website.

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