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Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan – Britain’s sexy bad girl

Seven years ago I was a normal teenager who just finished primary school, passed the national exams and entered high school. 2005 was a special year for me as I was closing a chapter in my life and opening another. Also, that year I got my first PC as a gift for my new “promotion”.

With my new PC I was able to find quickly digital photos of busty women (before then I was collecting magazines or paper photos) and amongst the first babes I found was Katie Price aka Jordan. This British celebrity instantly caught my attention with her kinky looks and those stunning breasts wich, for me at that age, were extremely HUGE.

Katie is a interesting babe. She began her modelling career as a Page 3 girl of The Sun newspaper in 1998. Back then, miss Price was rather flat but fortunately she took the decision to augment her boobs, this action being decisive for Jordan’s fulminant career. Katie appeared in lots of lads magazines like FHM, Maxim, Nuts, Zoo, Loaded, Ice and Playboy. Being in the spotlights was not always beneficial for Jordan as her personal life was hindered often by paparazzis and sexual scandals. Despite these problems, Katie seems to do very well and although she stopped going nude she makes a living now by selling and promoting her books, perfumes and clothes.

Now, as I try to end this post about the BustyLegend Katie Price, I wish you to enjoy the following pictures of a very sexy babe!


Thanks: madalin28   http://justbigtits.wordpress.com


One comment on “Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan – Britain’s sexy bad girl

  1. jordan is a fine bursty and marvelous woman. I love her.

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