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‘I’ve no time for opposite sex… Cara Delevingne’s my wifey’

RITA ORA is one of the most desirable pop stars on the planet.

Not short of admirers, she has dated Rob Kardashian and been linked to X Factor winner James Arthur, One Direction’s Harry Styles, rapper Drake and Bruno Mars.

The young, curvy blonde might be the stuff of male fantasies, but Rita says she has only got eyes for her “wifey” — bisexual supermodel Cara Delevingne.

 Rita Ora

It Girl … Rita Ora has seen her career soar in the last year
Cara Delevingne

Wifey … with Cara Delevingne at a fashion show in January

The two close friends are practically inseparable, and when they are apart they text and post messages about each other online.

And according to Rita, whose hits include Hot Right Now, How We Do (Party) and R.I.P., her love-in with model-of-the-year Cara is not limited to exchanges on social networking sites.

Rita declares: “She’s officially mine. She’s, like, untouchable. I’ve taken her off the market. We call each other ‘wifey’.

“You know what a wifey means? It’s like your other half. Like when you get married, like, that’s your wife!”

Chatting in her dressing room before her London gig earlier this week Rita’s phone goes off as we talk. No prizes for guessing who is on the other end of the line.

She says: “Cara’s in New York for Fashion Week so she couldn’t make this week. I’m a bit sad. Of course, we talk all the time – she was just texting me now.”

The new It Girls in fashion and music first became close before their respective careers took off.

Rita, 22, says: “I met Cara a long time ago at a festival.

“We hung out because we have a few mutual friends.

“We didn’t see each other for a few months, then I saw her again and our careers were getting busier at the same time.

“We are really similar but come from totally different backgrounds. I found someone who is exactly like me who isn’t really from my world.

“We just kept seeing each other and naturally started talking more and more. And now we’re always together.”

Kosovo-born Rita has competition for 20-year-old Cara’s affections.

The Burberry model, who admitted online last year that she played “for more than one team”, is friends with Rihanna and plans to move into a house with Mick Jagger’s model daughter Georgia.

Cara has also been on dates with singer Jake Bugg and on Thursday she sent bisexual rapper Azealia Banks the message “ME PLZ SEX”.

But Rita is undeterred.

Asked about the men in her life, she again brings up Cara, who has modelled for Stella McCartney and whose first Vogue cover was unveiled this week.

Rita laughs: “I have no time for the opposite sex at the moment. Strictly none. I’ve only got a wifey!”

It’s no surprise that Rita has gone off men. Last December she split up with Rob Kardashian, the brother of reality TV star Kim.

It was a messy break-up with Rob later posting abusive messages online alleging that Rita had slept with other men behind his back.

Rita Ora

Hot seat … Rita says she was not bothered by ex Rob Kardashian’s cheating claims

He wrote: “She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together. I am actually disgusted.”

Asked if those messages hurt her, Rita says: “No. Nooooo. To tell you the truth I don’t put energy toward things that don’t need light. You don’t need it.”

On Saturday she was spotted in a Birmingham club with X Factor winner James Arthur, but Rita insists they are just friends.

“The X Factor had a show in Birmingham too and he’s just a friend, man,” says Rita, who helped put James on the path to success when she was a guest judge on the ITV show last year. “He’s so cool and a nice guy but, trust me, I would tell you if I was seeing someone.”

Rita certainly has little time for romance right now. After notching up three chart-topping singles last year she is currently on her first headline tour — and experiencing all the ups and downs of life on the road.

“We’ve been partying on the bus,” she admits with a grin. “We put some music on and have the final drink of the night.

Rita Ora and Tom Thorogood

Chat … Sun man Tom Thorogood and Rita Ora
Paul Hampartsoumian

“There’s me, the whole band and the backing vocalists on my bus — 13 of us. I’m on a top bunk and I love it, I sleep like a baby. The worst thing about being on tour is the wake-ups on there.

“We’re at the venue and you come out and you haven’t even washed your face yet.

“I have fans waiting outside and I really don’t want them to see me. I hide my face. There’s also the smell on the bus – like a big waft of morning breath.”

Rita’s sold-out tour ends tonight in Leeds. Then next week it’s off to the Brits where she is up for Best Single and Best Breakthrough Act.

She says: “I’m excited and nervous, it’s incredible to be nominated. 2012 changed my life so it would be great to win something for it too. My mum is coming and I will see if Wifey wants to come — I’ll ask her.”

Her mentor Jay-Z, who flew Rita to New York for a personal audition when she was 18, isn’t the only rapper who is a fan.

Snoop Dogg hand-picked her to feature on his latest single, Torn Apart, and then flew her to Thailand to shoot the video.

Rita reveals: “He’s much cooler than I expected. He is so experienced with everything.

“He’s so funny. There were all these little crabs biting at our feet when we were filming on the beach. We built a race course for the crabs and watched them race while we were waiting to shoot. It was really fun.” Her debut album, Ora, went to No1 in August last year and Rita has already begun work on the follow-up album.

But she may consider a change of career. And if she does, she will call on Cara.

Rita says: “I could see myself working in fashion eventually, when I’ve got the time.

“Me and Cara have always spoken about working on a line together. I’ve loved fashion and clothes for so long, but I need to learn about it first.

“She’s an amazing person and I will definitely ask her before I do anything.”

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

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