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Leilani goes topless in the sun to get over stolen stock shock

LEILANI Dowding strips topless for a lazy day of sunbathing as she comes to terms with the thieves who targeted her last week.

The former Page 3 beauty relaxed poolside in Palm Springs, California, parading her toned body as she caught rays on a lounger.

She kept herself busy by tweeting on her phone and reading a relationship advice book called Act Like A Lady … Think Like A Man.

Leilani has hotfooted it to her favourite sunshine destination just days after designer dresses worth over £6,500 were pinched from her car as she presented an LA awards bash.

Leilani Dowding topless sunbathing on a sunlounger

Rear-lly hot … Leilani Dowding
Leilani Dowding on her phone

Tweet in concentration … Leilani Dowding

The frocks, part of the Brit model’s upcoming LeilUna Collection, had been left on the back seat of her Mercedes.

They were swiped as she hosted Thursday’s Toscars – an annual send-up of the Oscars.

Leilani Dowding reads a book on a sunlounger

Relationship help … Leilani Dowding

Leilani told The Sun: “I haven’t recovered my stolen dresses, I doubt I will now.

“I am still very upset over what happened last week, it was a nightmare.

Leilani Dowding shows off her body in a bikini

Bikini beauty … Leilani Dowding

“So after all that drama there’s nothing better than chilling out in the sunshine, it’s just what I needed.”

The sight of Leilani flaunting her stunning physique in a classy two-piece won’t exactly harm her career prospects.

Leilani Dowding checks her phone

Soaking up rays … Leilani Dowding

Neither will it damage her chances with men.

But despite her popularity with the opposite sex, the glamour girl has resorted to seeking guidance from literature after a series of disastrous relationships.

Leilani Dowding sips her glass of wine

Having a wine time … Leilani Dowding

She said: “I’ve had my heart broken more than a few times in the past, I’ve now taken up reading self-help books to sort myself out.

Leilani Dowding replaces her bikini top

Fast clasp action … Leilani Dowding replaces her top

“Though I’m slightly sceptical, they give great advice. So hopefully this’ll help me rethink the way I handle my relationships with men.”

Leilani Dowding turns over on her sunlounger

Bottoms up … Leilani Dowding

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