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Stars with a cross to bare New brave fashion accessory of the A-listers

NICKI MINAJ’s costume budget has taken a hit.

The rapper’s wearing tape instead of a T-shirt to protect her modesty during a cameo in the video for French Montana’s new single.

She isn’t the only celeb to raid the stationery cupboard for inspiration — here are more stars fond of tape.

 Nicki Minaj

Star with no bra … Nicki Minaj shows off her breast assets in new vid
Lady Gaga

Capital Pictures

LADY GAGA has turned to the product more than once to cover her nipples. WH Smith should sign the singer up for their new ad campaign.


FilmMagic – Getty

RIHANNA is no stranger to baring her body. The Bajan star opted for some bright pink tape to make the clobber (just about) PG-friendly here.

Amy Smart

Planet Photos

Four bits of tape barely made a difference for actress AMY SMART in Crank.

Taylor Momsen


TAYLOR MOMSEN has managed to kill two trends with one stone — the side boob and tit tape.

Kelly Osbourne

Gareth Gay-Alpha Press

KELLY OSBOURNE almost passes for a librarian here. But one that’s been stealing from the office drawers.

Naomi Campbell


NAOMI CAMPBELL is a pro on the red carpet — the supermodel made a gaffe-r with this outfit though.



And PINK didn’t bother mucking about with the standard stuff — the singer went straight to the electrician’s toolbox for her cover-up.

cover boobs with sticker

cover boobs with sticker

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