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My ex-boyfriend humiliates me but I can’t resist him

Deidre Daily Drama

Torn … I know I shouldn’t be meeting up with him but I love him so much

MY boyfriend is seeing another girl as well as me but I can’t resist sleeping with him because he is the sexiest guy I have ever met.

When he looks deep into my eyes I just melt.

I am 20. I first started to go out with him when I was 15 and he was 18. He was my very first love and we were happy together, but then he started lying about where he was.

I discovered from someone else he had been cheating with another girl and got her pregnant. When I told him how angry and upset I was he stopped coming round for a while, but then he got in touch again and we are having sex together regularly.

He has no problem telling me when the other girl is coming round to see him, but when he is with me it has to be a secret. She sometimes calls him when he is with me and I have to keep quiet while he is speaking to her.

I find it humiliating and it kills the mood for me. I feel like the other woman even though I was with him first.

All my mates tell me to leave him but I can’t because I still love him. All I want is our old relationship back but I don’t know how to talk to him about it. He doesn’t lead me on or anything but he is irresistible and I find I can’t say no.

All I want is to have him back with me. I cannot handle the drama of having the other girl around.


You are giving your love to a guy you admit humiliates you. Ask yourself what this says about you and what you think you are worth.

He doesn’t put you first in his life, nor the other girl for that matter. Apart from the sex, he is offering you nothing. Worse still, he is preventing you from getting over him.

He may be your first love and special in your memory but you and he have no real relationship. Sex alone is a poor substitute and will wreck your confidence until you feel worthless.

Be strong. You can find another boyfriend who thrills you once this one is out of your life. Don’t even see him and then he can’t gaze deep into your eyes!


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