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Protesters march to UK PM office, back Bahrain uprising

Protesters march to UK PM office, back Bahrain uprisingProtesters gathered outside the British Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday in solidarity with the anti-al Khalifa regime protests in Bahrain.

The Bahraini opposition group Tamarod Movement had called for a major protest on August 14 when the country holds celebrations of independence from UK.

In a show of support for the Bahraini revolutionaries against the al-Khalifa suppression, activists marched in London from the Bahrain embassy to the British PM’s office on Downing Street to condemn the bloodshed in the tiny Persian Gulf state and denounce Britain’s continued support for the despotic regime.

The protesters called for an end to the al-Khalifa brutality and demanded that Saudi forces, deeply involved in the bloody clampdown, end their occupation of Bahrain.

The demonstrators also urged the British government to stop supporting “Bahrain’s torturers” questioning London’s double standards on human rights in placards reading “why is [British PM David] Cameron silent on Bahrain’s human rights abuses”.

The march came as advocates of the Bahraini pro-democracy uprising gathered the British parliament building in London to call on the British government to stop backing the al-Khalifa regime.

“We want …. to point out the contrast between the British government’s attitude towards human rights in Bahrain and everywhere else in the world,” Liberal Democrat Lord Eric Avebury told Press TV reporter after the meeting.

“Why they [should] be silent on repression and you think it is because the discussions are taking place now between the British government and [the Bahraini] King Hamad about £1 billion worth of Typhoon jets,” he added.

Human rights group Amnesty International blasted Cameron last Wednesday for backing the “façade of supposed reform in Bahrain” and urged him to issue a warning to the Bahraini dictator King Hamad during their meeting in London.

Cameron, however, repeated his old rhetoric during the meeting and his office simply said “Cameron reiterated Britain’s support for ongoing political reform in Bahrain”.

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